Political Organizations

Political Organizations

In Saskatchewan, the political body representing 74 First Nations is known as the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN). The federation is committed to honouring the spirit and intent of the treaties in the province. The federation consists of a Senate, Elder’s Council, Chief’s in Assembly, Executive, Executive Council, and an Indian Government Commission (Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations).   

The 1920’s is significant of the beginning of the formation of First Nations political organizations in Canada. In 1921, the Annual Congress of the Indian League of Canada was held at the Thunderchild First Nation in Saskatchewan. John Tootoosis of the Poundmaker First Nation was one of the delegates at this meeting and became involved in these political changes. In 1929, the Indian League of Canada was renewed in the Treaty 6 area and became known as the League of Indians of Western Canada. John Tootoosis became the first president of this regional organization. Other organizations formed in Saskatchewan, the Protective Association for Indians and their Treaties and the Association of Saskatchewan Indians (Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations).

In 1946, Tommy Douglas, Premier of Saskatchewan became involved in uniting the three First Nations organizations. Amalgamation of the three organizations formed under the Union of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, John Tootoosis was elected President. In 1958, the Saskatchewan First Nations organizations became the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians (FSI). In 1982, FSI, changed its name to the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN).   

Since the establishment, of the FSIN, they have accomplished band controlled schools, the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre, the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation, and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies. The FSIN continues to work towards the protection and recognition of Treaty rights and progressing First Nations into the future (Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations).

Other Aborignal political organizations are the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan, Assembly of First Nations, the National Women’s Association of Canada, and the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.

For more information on the FSIN see www.fsin.com

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